Friends. Fitness. Fun. Family. Fight!

We are now operating out of KDV Sport in Nerang!

  • The five F’s are the backbone of our Dojo’s culture, they are our service to members and guests.
  • Every day, every class we strive to provide an environment where you’ll make friends, get fit, have fun, feel like part of our family and learn how to fight.
  • Before and after class you’ll be getting to know your coaches and fellow students. During class we all treat each other as brother’s and sister’s should. The more experienced students will guide you and you’ll only be training with people around your size to avoid injury.
  • Everyone is treated equally and with respect. From day one, our head coach will know your name and you won’t just be making up the numbers.
  • We provide a safe and comfortable environment to learn Martial Arts without the edgy and awkward vibe you might get from other gyms and coaches.
  • New students are nurtured into the system as we have set defensive techniques that need to be learned first before sparring. There is a lot of contact training as you can’t learn real self defence without contact, but rest assured the contact intensity will be carefully monitored and only increased as your skills and confidence improve.
  • More experienced student’s all spend time drilling with beginners to ensure you’re progressing at a speed that is sustainable for you.
  • We do have fighters here and a strong competition team, but there are dozen’s of students who just enjoy the sessions and the challenges and advantages MMA training offer’s. You won’t be pushed towards fighting in a cage, or on the mats in BJJ comps, but that option will always be open to you if you wish to pursue it.
Please contact our head coach Roy Luxton below for enquiries.

World Class MMA Training on the Gold Coast

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