Beginner’s Striking/Fitness

Muay Thai, combined with Boxing serves the sport of MMA with the most relevant striking techniques. The kicks, knees, elbows and clinching of Muay Thai are undeniably brutal and effective, while the punches and footwork of Boxing provide for potent results without taking much damage.

Taught by Roy Luxton, Head Coach at Five Rings Dojo, these classes are designed to give you the weapons you need when standing toe to toe. Roy had 6 fights 6 wins, 3 by knockout in MMA, and 2 fights, 2 wins in Muay Thai, so he is geared up to continue Five Rings Dojo’s long standing tradition as Australia’s most dangerous MMA Team on the feet.

You’ll need to wear;

MMA shorts/ Muay Thai shorts and a singlet, t-shirt or rash guard.

You’ll need your own wraps, sparring gloves and shin guards, all of which are sold at the Dojo.

Also bring your mouth guard, towel and bottle of water.

Please make sure your nails are short and have no open wounds.

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