Mark Edmondson Peak Performance talk tonight

Mark Edmondson is a former Professional Athlete and is the owner and creator of Edmondson Dynamics. He will come in tonight to Five Rings Dojo to give a talk to our professional and aspiring athletes. The talk will be held at 6.30pm and cost just $10 per person.

Mark works within the company as Sports Peak Performance Coach, Creative Director, Professional Speaker and Professional Rugby League Coach.

Mark has studied for the past 8 years dedicating his life to Human Success Psychology.

A Peak Performance Coach specializes in Sports Psychology, but also has qualifications and experience in other ares for example the Fitness Industry and Sports Coaching.

Mark is a Qualified ARL Rugby League Coaching Assistant and has more than 5 years of Rugby League Coaching Experience which helps to Assist his Performance Coaching.

A Peak Performance Coach can assist players mentally and physically in all areas of sports preparation and sporting competition.

A Peak Performance Coach can assist sporting teams to perform better by teaching them to think and act in a positive and constructive way that assists all individuals to come together synergistically and perform well together as a cohesive team.

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