MMA Fitness Camp

New classes available!!!
Mon to Fri 5.00am to 5.45am
Mon to Fri 6.00am to 6.45am
Mon to Fri 9.00am to 9.45am

Kicking off on the 19th of Sept we’ll begin to roll in a series of MMA Fitness Camps that we believe will be the best program around.


  • Client specific exercise regime. Based on your goal and your current fitness level we tailor your training to bring you maximum results in a sustainable manner.
  • You’ll receive a customized Nutrition plan.
  • You’ll be guided every step of the way towards your goal with regular scientific monitoring and mentoring.
  • You won’t be boxed into an 8 or 12 week challenge. Every one is different and each client will achieve their goal in their own time
    on their own terms.
  • You’ll learn the mind-set of a fighter and gain tons of confidence to tackle anything.
  • Your program is adjustable and flexible to accommodate changes in lifestyle.
  • Upon reaching your goal you’ll receive a free professional photo shoot to showcase the new you.

World Class MMA Training on the Gold Coast

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